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Mothercare is a fashion retail shop in Britain which specializes in expectant mothers and young children clothes. The company has been in the service of fashions for more than forty years. The founders were Selim Zilkha and James Goldsmith. Mothercare is one of the companies listed in London Stock Exchange. The Company has an online platform where clients who are out of town can access their goods and services. Mothercare Company has more than one thousand stores globally.

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If you would prefer to call Mothercare directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Mothercare DepartmentContact Number
Mothercare Head Office0344 875 5222
Mothercare Customer Services0344 875 5222
Mothercare Merryhill0344 875 5222
Mothercare Bluewater0344 875 5222
Mothercare Edmonton0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ipswich0344 875 5222
Mothercare Orders0344 875 5222
Mothercare Complaints0344 875 5222
Mothercare delivery0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Portmouth0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ancoats0344 875 5222
Mothercare Baby Plan0344 875 5222
Mothercare returns0344 875 5222

When a woman discovers she is pregnant, she starts to worry about her maternity clothing.During pregnancy period, the mother -to-be become fashion conscious because the baby keeps on growing and her current trends no longer fit her. Expectant mother requires clothing that looks pleasant and natural which are not tight around the womb. Depending on the season of the year there are various fashions which keep on trending and mothers to should consider buying the maternity clothes that suits the current season. The mother to look for maternity coats if it is winter time.

There are various stores where women can visit to compare the trending maternity fashions. The selection of clothes will have varieties in shapes, sizes, and colors. Fashion conscious mother finds it difficult to get the way of their style as it is affected by their current situation. Women go shopping to different maternity fashion outlets to figure out the style which is trending. The maternity fashion has different buying price depending on their condition and the quality.

Mothercare UK

Mothercare UK is a retail store specializing in babies, mother to be and children who are below eight years products. The first store was opened in Surrey in 1960s. The store offers a broad range of maternity fashions, toys, furniture and bathing and feeding equipment. The company operates in other different countries under the brand name of ‘mothercare.'The store remains the darling to many different women living in the UK and from other countries who buy the products online. Mothercare customer care services have dynamics ways in communicating with their clients. The store has social media platforms where they respond to the client’s inquiry immediately. The company has an app where customers download it from play store using their mobile phones. Mothercare UK remains to be number one retailer of wide range of products in the country.

Mothercare customer care services

Customer care service is the best way of getting the necessary details and information about a company’s products and their services. The service has made life simple for the consumers of an individual product. A well-integrated customer care has different active phone numbers for their clients. The best thing with customer care services is that a customer can call at any time of the hour for any question. The service allows the clients to get every single detail for the company products and services. Mothercare contact number is provided along when you buy any of the enterprise’s products. Mothercare helpline is given in case the customer does not have experience in using an individual product. Mothercare contact number is usually a toll-free to allow the customers to call without worry of their credit. In the modern world, the world has become a global village with the advance of technology. The company has various platforms where the customer can use to communicate with business customer care service. The company has emails, social media accounts, and official website.

Historically expectant mothers had a limited choice for their maternity fashions. Nowadays the clothing industries have been releasing clothes to make them fill comfortable, beautiful while nurturing the unborn child. Mothercare websites have a broad range of products where the customers can view the images of the available fashions and call the contact number for any inquiry. Customers buy the products online and pay using the electronic credit card and given the client care contact to follow the delivery procedures. Gurgle is a social networking website which was launched in the year 2007 to cater for pregnancy and parenting. Mothercare has discount codes and vouchers for some of their products for their customers. Mothercare discount code is followed by pregnant mothers in social media platforms to keep them aware of latest offerings. Mothercare vouchers allow the customers to enjoy significant discounts on bathing products, bedding and kid’s furniture.The company offers free home delivery service to their customers. The research has shown many people consider buying Mothercare products online with a discount of free home delivery.

In present time there is the high competitive environment in every business. Mothercare management has developed a brand image to attract many new customers and retain the old one. The company remains to give their best in the marketing of the goods and services in engaging in the social business network. In all the years the company continues to provide products of high quality to target potential customers. Mothercare continues to focus on customer satisfaction by ensuring their customer care service is efficiently delivering their service to all their customers. Customer care service is the backbone of every successful business where they keep on tracking their customer to ensure the products and services are entirely satisfying. Customers call Mothercare Company for all their complaints which are immediately solved by the company’s staffs that are competent and self-driven. Mothercare has been growing big in all the years because of the unity between all the stakeholders.

In conclusion, Mothercare remains to be the best of the best fashion retail store in different countries in the world. The success of the company is a result of dedication by the staffs and provision of high-quality goods and services. Many of the new customers shop in the store from the recommendation from friends, workmates and family members. Technology has played a great role in company’s achievement where things are done easy and around the clock for the convenience of the customer. Online buying has enabled international customers to buy the business products and trace the delivery services by communicating with the client's care. The company annual revenue has been increasing and allowing Mothercare Company to continue opening new other stores in different countries. The products are always in high demand to the mothers and young children who look for trending toys. The special offer on various products attracts many customers who buy the goods to enjoy the periodic discounts.

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