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EA Sports is among the most established companies in the world of computer games, which is known for several games including FIFA series, UFC, Origin and Madden. Although the company does not entirely offer these games to players, it allows players to connect through messaging and streaming services that can be accessible to a worldwide audience. Due to the fact the company offers many products, many people have been searching for EA Sports contact number for purposes of clarifying information and reporting issues found in the system. Getting this information to reach the EA Sports customer services desk has been a hustle for many people, who are not able to locate the right portal to channel their complaints or inquiries.

Get connected through to the main EA Sports contact number now and speak to a member of their customer service team by using our connection service.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111
FIFA 17 contact number020 3318 1111
Origin020 3318 1111
Electronic Arts020 3318 1111
EA cancellations 020 3318 1111
EA Sports claims020 3318 1111
EA Access020 3318 1111
Battlefield020 3318 1111
The Sims020 3318 1111
Battlefront020 3318 1111
EA complaints020 3318 1111
Technical Support020 3318 1111

Should you call EA Sports?
So, why would anyone want to contact EA Sports through their phone numbers? There are a number of reasons that would motivate one to call EA sports, which range from the submission of complaints to reporting issues. Regardless of the reasons you have for calling them, you need to get the right contact number so you can directly reach the department that can deal more efficiently with your case. Most common reasons listed by callers to the company are as highlighted below.

The first reason you could have for calling EA Sports is when you want to purchase a service or game from the company. It is always advisable to first understand the offers that come with a purchase before making payment confirmation. This is something that majority of buyers consider vital and the reason they have to call the company before completing their purchase of a service or game. In some cases, the purchase process stalls and one has to consult with the company to understand if there are any issues that could be barring the completion of the purchase process.

Channeling complaints to EA Sports UK
Complaints about services also make part of the issues that users of EA Sports UK products call to report about. Not all products are perfect and lovers of gaming who rely on software from the company would not want to lose their scores due to a glitch in the system. The first idea when an issue in the system occurs is to call EA Sports phone number to express the frustration being experienced due to the glitch and to ask for help. Sometimes when the service generally becomes unreliable, many will go online to express their frustration, but majority of users prefer calling the company so the issue can be resolved as fast as possible.

When you make a call to EA Sports, you certainly will be able to speak to a helpful and friendly member of the company, and regardless of the department you are contacting, you will have easy time getting the answers you are looking for. However, you should remember that the support team of the company is extremely busy and you will sometimes have to hold on for a long time before your call is picked. It should not take too long though, but if you have to attend to urgent roles then waiting for them to pick could inconvenience you. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about costs because the phone numbers provided by EA Sports are low cost.

Therefore, whenever you have an issue with the service of the company, it is advisable to reach them through their contact number to get a comprehensive review of the problem and a clear answer from their team of experts. Going online could be a bit tricky because the support team is too involved into working on calls that they rarely get the time to work on the issues that are raised through their emails or chat portal, so to reach them easier it is advisable to call their number.

Other issue that often occurs that could force you to call the company is the automatic remission of payments. You may realize that after purchasing a game online the payment is labeled recurring, which is obviously something you did not opt for. What this means is that you will have to regularly pay to the company the same amount you made while initially purchasing the game. Ignoring this message could mess your account and getting the money refunded is near impossible because the company assumes you had considered their terms before initiating the purchase. The best thing at such a point is to call EA Sports contact number for immediate assistance to have the issue resolved before you lose your money.

In other cases, whenever the opponent you are playing with turns off their PS4, the wins you had registered are lost immediately. This is disgusting and unless you have the problem resolved, you could spend more days enduring the pain of losing the history of your wins. Contacting EA Sports could help to remove the issue, which is often caused by bugs in the system.

Although the company offers awesome games, there are also challenges that players have to work on to enjoy the experience these games offer. They are forced to stay in contact with support whenever an issue appears that could lead to loss of records and progress. You don’t want to get a loss because of connection issues that are probably on the side of the opponent, so calling EA Sports to report this issue could help the company to not only solve your issues, but also come up with measures that can strengthen the system for all players.

Massive offers like Origin releases
Additionally, you can win massive offers through getting in touch with EA Sports. Apart from offering games through their open portal, the company runs the EA Access system, which is a subscription service that offers members access to a variety of games that can be downloaded. Members are also able to access special versions of the games and one way to get these games early is to contact the company through their phone number. With such access, you are assured to enjoy a massive incentive that enhances your gaming experience.

EA Sports Opening Hours

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24 Hours

EA Sports UK Head Office address

EA Sports
Unit Parkmore West
Parkmore Business Park
County Galway

EA Sports website

EA website

EA Sports contact us page

EA Gear website

EA Sports on Facebook

EA community website

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